When the sun begins to heat up our summer days, our ponds may get green.  Algaecide may seem appealing and is useful in some situations, but know that while it may quickly kill off a...

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Moved to a house with a pond?

Don’t feed the fish in the winter. When the water is consistently at 50 degrees or more, then you can start feeding them. Read more about feeding fish HERE. Don’t turn off the ...

Ponds and beneficial bacteria

Ponds and Beneficial Bacteria

What is the deal with ponds and beneficial bacteria?

Beautiful ponds and beneficial bacteria go together!  Beneficial bacteria helps keep algae at bay.  This bacteria is very important to have ...

get the pond clean!

Pond Cleanout – Before and After

Pond Cleanout – Before and After pictures are a great way to see the difference.

Are you wondering how much a difference a pond cleanout makes?  They say a picture is worth 1000 words!

How Many Gallons of Water in a Pond?

How are  gallons of water in a pond calculated?  To find the gallons of water in a pond, we use the calculation of length x width x 80% x average depth x 7.48.  Why 80%?  Ponds are usual...

Is a Cleanout Right for My Pond?

Pond Cleanout

If your pond has excessive decaying matter or sludge, it’s probably time for a cleanout.  Balanced ponds may need to be cleaned out every couple of years.  Ponds that strug...


Algae happens – what you can do about it:

Did you know that algae is actually a part of the ecosystem?  Yes it is!  When there is a bit of algae in the pond, it is okay.  What...

Words from Raving Fans

At Colorado Pond Pros, our goal is to be your partner in building your dreams.Here’s what some of our wonderful clients have...