Pond Installation

We build ponds of all sizes!  From 7 x 10 feet to much much larger, we can provide a new pond to fit your style.  We adhere to the concept of the 5 elements to create a healthy system.  Everything we do works with nature to have a natural-looking pond.  Your new pond will be easier to maintain when it has all the elements that equal a healthy ecosystem.

When we install pond we include:

  • Liner and underlayment
  • Boulders, rocks and gravel
  • Skimmer, biofalls
  • Pump (3 year warranty), pipe and fittings
  • Aerator (one with 2 diffusors)

Optional items include:

  • Lights
  • IonGen
  • Autodose
  • Pressure filter
  • Plants
  • Boulder upgrades
  • Additional aerators

Ponds can be built at ANY size, the sky is the limit!