Pond Repair Services

Looking for pond repair?

Click on the subject below that you think you may need.  Not sure?  That’s okay, contact us and we can do an evaluation.

Pond Leaks & Water Loss

Yes, we can diagnose leaks.  

We follow a 20 step process to locate a leak.  It can take more than one visit jsut to determine where the water loss is occuring. 

Once water loss is located we can either repair it on the spot (if applicable) or give you an estimate of how much the repair will cost. 

We ask you to follow our leak test before we come out.  Click HERE to see the Pond Leak Process.


Water Feature Rock Repair

If rocks have moved, fallen down or even broken apart, we can help.

Take a photo of the whole pond and another photo of the area in question.  Text it to us at 303-775-0224 and then contact us to set up Services.

Pipe Repair - Ponds and Water Features

Crack in a pipe or a fitting suddenly leaking water?  Take a photos of it, text it to us at 303-775-0224 and contact us to schedule a repair. 

Pond Equipment Repair

Do you have a pressure filter, skimmer or Biofall that needs to be replaced?  Take a photo of it, text it o 303-775-0224 and contact us to schedule Service. 

Concrete Repair

We do not repair concrete.  We don’t paint it, fill it or put a sealer in it.  We know that in Colorado concrete will eventually crack due to the freeze and thaw cycle.  When you are ready for us to remove it, contact us and we will set you up for an estimate.