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If you are ready for the sound and sight of moving water in your outdoor space we are here for you.  Small pond dreams?  Big pond dreams? We are the solution to your outdoor living!
We bring unique and beautiful to the outdoor living experience. Whether adding to your home or business, our Certified Pond Professionals will create a feature that not only benefits the environment (it does!) and your lifestyle but, is a work of art. Whether we are repairing an existing feature, maintaining it, or building it, we do the work so you can relax and enjoy!

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Amanda Trosten-BloomAmanda Trosten-Bloom
22:51 09 Aug 22
I searched for two years for a company to help me with my pond, after my trusted pond guy moved out of town. Colorado Pond Pros was worth the search! They are responsive, professional, incredibly well informed, and anxious to educate me. Add to that, the fees they charged for the service they provided were less than other companies’ quotes. I’m so grateful to have found them!!!
Shammy The DogShammy The Dog
18:14 22 Apr 22
I really look forward to Kristi’s emails! They are so informative and knowledgeable. This information is so pertinent because her pond is in our neck of the woods not on the East Coast.She gives knowledge so freely and it’s so pertinent to our pond. Articles are seasonally relevant that it keeps me focused on what I need to do in the next few weeks.Building my pond knowledge is fantastic and gives me confidence that I can do things in the future. I look forward to using Colorado Pond Pros in the future for pond clean outs and future pond modification/enlargements - I just have to convince my wife!🐟 ❤️🐟Shammy The Dog (Littleton, Colorado)
Tina JohnsonTina Johnson
15:52 20 Apr 22
We have been using Colorado Pond Pros for several years to maintain our multi-pond water feature, and they have been doing a great job. So, when it came time this year to repair and redesign our existing large (1000 gal+) system, we chose them for the redesign. The team did an excellent job designing and creating a beautiful pondless water feature which is a highlight of our front entry. They incorporated natural stone as well as added some old and interesting tree branches which makes the whole feature look very natural and in place among the pine trees in our yard.
Karen NeffKaren Neff
17:40 14 Feb 22
Our first year of having complete pond maintenance. So glad we did. We even did the fall net covering, which was the best idea ever. Thanks to Jose also, for his great job getting the netting down and getting us ready for winter. Jen C has been great in arranging everything starting last spring.
Ben FergusonBen Ferguson
22:20 17 Dec 21
I initially had owner Mike Herrmann come out to our residence for a consultation regarding our pondless waterfall. I did the install myself, but wanted to upgrade to a full pond system. I know from experience that owner-installs can be a pain, but Mike took everything in stride, let me know of their availability, and then had their office follow-up with a quote.When the team arrived, I could not have been more impressed with their professionalism. Led by Matt, the first day had a team of 3 with Mitchell and Juan joining. I could not believe how quickly they worked and how fast the project came together. On day 2, we had water running. But what was really evident was the talent that each member brought to the project. In addition to having a difficult work site, and the added stress of getting a massive boulder into an impossible place, everyone really went above and beyond in the actual construction of the pond. It looks amazing. The rock placement, the lighting, each piece of hardware - it all came together in a way we just couldn’t imagine. The team exceeded expectations in every possible way. They are all artists in every sense of the word.A big shout out to the install team, everyone who worked on site was an absolute joy to interact with and talented in ways that made the final outcome just shine. If you want take your yard to the next level, if you want to create paradise within your own boundaries, then Colorado Pond Pros are the people to make that dream a reality. We just couldn’t be happier with the work done by their team.
Jesse Aaron PaulJesse Aaron Paul
18:26 15 Jun 21
My pond pump stopped working properly at a home I just purchased so I called Colorado Pond Pros to make an appointment for help. They gave me tons of advice over the phone so that I wouldn't have to unnecessarily pay a service-call fee. When the quick-fix tips didn't work, we went ahead and scheduled an appointment. In the intermediary, the pump started working again and these folks waived the service-fee deposit even though they didn't have to. They'll be getting my business from now on.

Lisa Herrmann

Founder and Vice President

Mike Herrmann with backyard pond waterfall

Mike Herrmann

Founder and President

Jenny Lynn

Operations Coordinator

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