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Is a Cleanout Right for My Pond?

by | Mar 20, 2017 | Pond Cleanout

Pond Cleanout

If your pond has excessive decaying matter or sludge, it’s probably time for a cleanout.  Balanced ponds may need to be cleaned out every couple of years.  Ponds that struggle with balance may need them annually.  Pond Cleanout 

What is a full pond cleanout?

A full cleanout consists of removing the fish (we put them in an on-site portable pond during this process) and draining the pond by pumping out all the water.  The waterfall, the rocks, gravel, and bottom of the pond are pressure-washed, and the remaining gunk is removed.  Plants are trimmed as needed, the pond is refilled, and the fish are returned.

pond cleanout

Post Cleanout Care

One of the most important aspects is actually the caring for the pond in the weeks following  the cleanout.  Keep in mind that the ecosystem of the pond is essentially being re-started when a cleanout is performed.  Bacteria needs to be added right after a cleanout and every couple of days right after one to avoid an algae bloom.  Beneficial bacteria won’t do you any good if it doesn’t have anywhere to live.  Therefore, it is critical that beneficial bacteria have gravel in the bottom of the pond and/or bioballs in the waterfall so that they have a place to colonize.

If your pond develops an algae bloom or becomes green and cloudy at some point after a cleanout, it does not mean that the cleanout wasn’t done well. It simply means the pond is not in balance yet.

Please remember that the use of algaecide can also disrupt the balance of a pond.  It removes oxygen so that the algae dies, but it also kills beneficial bacteria and can even kill fish.  It makes establishing a balanced ecosystem  difficult!

A pond that has had proper care taken after a cleanout to rebalance the ecosystem, will continue to look great!

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Ready to sign up for your pond cleanout?  Click HERE to get started! bacteria and can even kill fish.  It makes establishing a balanced eco system difficult!