Moved to a house with a pond?

Pond Mainkoi pond backyard water featuretenance
  • Don’t feed the fish in the winter. When the water is consistently at 50 degrees or more, then you can start feeding them. Read more about feeding fish HERE.
  • Don’t turn off the pump at night! (Pipes could freeze and even if it’s not that cold, this is how the fish get oxygen).
  • You have to check the water level of the pond and add water sometimes – maybe 2 inches a week (evaporation happens).
  • If you add more than 20% of the pond volume and you have fish you need to put in detoxifier at the same time. 
  • Do not add algaecide!  Just call us and we can talk about it.  You can read more about Algaecide HERE.
  • If you have pots of what seem to be dead plants in the pond during the winter, wait, they may be plants that will come back in May. Did you know plants are a really important part of keeping a pond looking clean? YES! Read more about aquatic plants HERE.
  • You’ll need to empty the basket or net in the skimmer about once a week.
  • Colorado Pond Pros does Monthly Maintenance if you want it!
This is a basic Aquascape pond. Your pond might be like this or it might be somewhat different.