High Winds and Your Pond

Backyard Pond Waterfall Service

High Winds and Your Backyard Water Feature

Did you have high winds at your place this week? We sure did. In fact, there were areas in Colorado that recorded winds over 100 miles per hour. Boulder had gusts of 104 mph!

As a result, our pump was making some weird noises. Upon inspection, we found that leaves blew into our very clean pond and clogged our skimmer basket. We removed the net recently, not realizing there would be this crazy wind blowing in all sorts of debris. There were newspapers in the pond and branches, too! Not only did we need to clean the skimmer basket but we had to pull the pump out to make sure small debris hadn’t gotten through to clog the pump directly.

We highly recommend checking on your pond!

  • Remove debris that has blown in like leaves, newspapers, and kiddie pools.
  • Clean out the skimmer basket or net. 
  • Check to make sure the filter pad isn’t clogged with leaves.
  • If waterfall flow seems low and the water level is fine, the pump may need to be pulled so the intake can be checked for debris.

Pro Tips:

Remove all leaves from your yard so they don’t blow in!

Put away things like kiddie pools, umbrellas, and other blowable items because you never know when we will get crazy wind! 

If you add quite a bit of water (technical term for “20% or more”) remember to use a dechlorinator at the same time to protect your fish. No fish? Then you won’t need a dechlorinator!

We can’t predict when high winds are going to run amok, but we can do what we can to prepare for the chaos. 

If you need help with pond maintenance for your backyard water feature, call Colorado Pond Pros, your local pond experts.
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