How to Store a pond pump

koi pond backyard water feature

How to store a pond pump 

A Home Depot bucket is generally a good choice for storage. They have a handle so picking it up shouldn’t be too bad. If there is no handle it will be really hard to pick up later.

The bucket needs to be stored somewhere where it will not freeze.

Bucket, bucket who’s got a bucket?

Don’t put a pump that needs to be stored in water in a plastic storage box not made for water. Imagine setting your pump in the basement into a rectangular plastic storage bin and then filling it up with water right where it sits.  Clever right?

Maybe not. How are you going to pick it up in the Spring or get the water out without it going all over your basement? Use a bucket people.

Different pumps may need to be stored differently. This is mostly about keeping the seals and impeller for becoming dry and brittle. How to store a pond pump, see below for specific pumps.

Remember that most ponds with fish need the pump to run all winter.  

The waterfall and movement of the water bring oxygen and circulation to the fish.  

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