Looking for a landscape company to build your pond?

While many landscape companies may build ponds, we specialize in building ponds.  That’s right, we only build ponds, waterfalls and water features!  If you are looking for a landscape company to build your pond – look no further!  Because of our focus, we are expert pond builders.  Check out these 10 common questions people ask:

1.  How long does it take to build a pond?

The time is takes to build a pond completely depends on how large the pond is.  However, it is very typical for a backyard pond to take 2 to 4 days to build.  Some smaller features can even go up in one day!

2.  Do you use concrete?

We choose not to use concrete.  The freeze and thaw cycle can cause cracks to form in concrete, causing leaks.  We use underlayment, liner and natural stone to protect the liner. This way the liner isn’t exposed to the freezing temperatures and the hot sun, making it easier for the liner to last a very long time!

3.  What kind of equipment do you use?

When building a pond, we typically we use a Dingo that is narrow enough to fit through most backyard gates.  If the boulders used will be larger than usual we may bring in bigger equipment that requires a piece of fence to be removed during the build.

We use Aquascape products within the pond because they provide very well made and specialized pumps, aerators, skimmers, biofalls and other products that we have found to be very reliable over the years.

Natural pond - landscape company to build your pond

4.  Do you warranty your work? 

We warranty our work for 1 year.  The equipment we use is warrantied for 3 to 5 years.

5.  How much maintenance is involved with a pond?

When a pond is well built and is set up for the ecosystem to thrive, they can be very little maintenance.  Some people feed their fish each week, while others prefer to feed them daily. The skimmer basket will need to be cleaned out once a week, the filter pad could be washed out each month and beneficial bacteria will need to be added weekly and sometimes every few days if we have high heat or a lot of rain.  Did you know that rain contains nitrogen, which greens up landscape and sometimes can cause algae blooms?  Read more about that HERE. 

6.  Do I have to have fish?

No, you do not have to have fish.  However, ponds are small ecosystems within themselves and to keep it balanced a pond need 5 elements – of which fish are one!  To read more about that, click HERE.

7.  How much will my electric bill go up?

We use energy-efficient pumps.  Customers report their electricity bills going up by roughly $30 a month.

landscape company to build your pond8.  Do I have to turn it off for the winter? 

No!  In fact, ponds and waterfalls can be beautiful during the winter!  If you have fish, we recommend running it over the winter for proper oxygenation.  If you choose not to run it you’ll need to make sure aerators are in place and maybe even a floating pond heater.

9.  Do fish stay in the pond over the winter in Colorado?

Yes!  They overwinter just fine as long as they have aeration and the pond doesn’t freeze over 100%.  Even a small hole not frozen is enough for the fish gases to escape.  They basically go dormant (not quite sleeping) for the winter.  They don’t eat because their metabolisms slow down so much.  Think about the fish in the natural ponds – they do just fine!

10.  Do ponds attract mosquitoes? 

While stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, the ponds we build are not stagnant.  The pump keeps the water flowing.  If a mosquito makes the mistake of thinking its a good place to lay an egg, the fish are right there for an afternoon snack!

landscape company to build your pond