Putting New Fish in a Pond

How many fish can I have in my pond

Follow these guidelines to safely transfer fish:

Floating in bags:
  1. Float the fish in the bag they came in in the pond for 30 minutes.
      • Make sure they are not floating in the sun!  If there is no shade, open the bag up for air. Let the bag float while holding it or anchoring it to the edge of the pond.  If they look stressed or are coming to the top of the bag, they may be short on air.  Open the bag!
  2. Never touch a fish with a dry hand!  It can hurt their scales.
  3. Every few minutes, take a 1/2 cup (or splash it in with your hand) of pond water and add it to the bagged water.  This helps them acclimate slowly and also assists in bringing the water temperature in the bagged water to the temperature of the pond.
      • Remember, a more than 5 degree difference in the water they are in and the water they are going to could kill them, so they must be transferred slowly.  It may take longer than 30 minutes if the temperature difference is greater.
  4. Add Pond Detoxifier Liquid.  A tiny amount to the bag and some to the pond (follow directions on product) eliminates chlorine and calms the fish.  Your fish provider will usually include this with your fish.
  5. Do not use a net, just gently remove the bag from around the fish so they can swim into the water.
  6. Don’t worry if they go to the bottom and don’t move for a while.  They are just startled and need to get used to their new home.
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