What Can I Feed My Fish?

fish in outdoor water features

A high-quality fish food is important for the health of your fish.  It can affect the brightness of their color too.

What about Fruit?

Did you know you can offer your fish vegetables and fruits now and then? Yes, they can eat blueberries, peas, watermelon and other soft fruits.  Of course, take care that they are free of pesticides and rinsed off well before offering them to your fish.  At first they may not be used to eating them and may leave them floating for a while.  Make sure to remove any excess fruit (or fish food) left uneaten after a couple hours.  

We recommend feeding them good quality food such as Aquascape’s Premium Staple Fish Food Pellets on a regular basis.  Good quality fish food has a higher protein content, which will enhance the fishes’ natural colors. 

Remember not to overfeed them!  Give them what they can eat in a few minutes and remove excess food as it will only decay in the water, contributing to algae buildup.