Fish Food Storage

fish under lilies

Storing Fish Food – It matters!

Proper storage of fish food is essential to keeping it from going bad or getting mice, cats, mold or weevils in it.  As long as you have a fairly small container, a shelf in the garage might be fine in the spring or fall.  The garage might be too hot for storage in the summer months. 

Does it really matter if its old?

Yes!  If the food is old, it may smell funny or have a fuzz on it.  It may change color or consistency.  Feeding fish spoiled food can cause them illness!  Better for them to wait a few days to be fed while you get some fresh food than to eat something that may hurt them.  If the food is bad you’ll have to throw it out.  In the meantime you could give them a bit of green lettuce or some fruit.  They will enjoy a sliced zucchini, blueberries or watermelon.

If you buy fish food in larger quantities, don’t put the food in the freezer. That can degrade the nutrients in it.  Put it in the fridge for best preservation.

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