Do I Need to Do Anything Special For My Fish to Have Babies?

You don’t have to do anything special for your koi and goldfish to have babies.  Fish will spawn and have babies all on their own as long as you have a healthy pond.  Goldfish and koi are egg layers. Goldfish spawn readily while koi take a bit longer.  Usually in the late spring or early summer they produce thousands of eggs.  Most don’t survive to grow up to be baby fish.  

Did you know baby fish are called “Fry”?

The fry will hide in the gravel on the bottom of the pond for a few days and then they will go hide out in the plants.  If you don’t have plants, chances are the fry will become tasty snacks for the adult fish in the pond. If the gravel is too clean, less fry will make it. They grow about an inch per month for the first year.