Garden Pond Cleanouts – It is Springtime!

Water lilies

Spring is on it’s way and a garden pond cleanout may be just what you need.  Bulbs are already popping up and before we know it, green will take over our landscape and some of our ponds too! If your pond has debris that blew in over the winter it may cause an excessive build up of decaying matter, ready to feed the beast of sludge and algae.  If you want to get ahead of the game, remove any organic matter from the pond so that it can’t decay.  Put in some cold water bacteria too.  

Your perennial plants will be coming out again soon, like lilies, iris and cardinal flowers.  But be ready!  Plan on getting to your local garden center to get some floating water lettuce and floating water hyacinth as soon as the change of frost passes.  They are fabulous filters and are inexpensive to add for the season.  They propagate like crazy and will soon be a great shade cover for the fish.  Worried about them getting to be too many?  No problem, just take some out and add to your compost pile.  They literally just have to be picked up.  No digging to get them out!

Need more help?  Call us to get on our Cleanout schedule so that you can enjoy your pond all summer long!  

What do we offer when we do a cleanout?  Check out our Cleanout Page!