Lotus -11 Things to Know

Lotus can be an easy new plant to grow.  What you need to know about lotus before adding them to your pond:

  • They can grow in patio ponds to larger ponds.  Often people like them in  larger ponds, 10 x 10 or larger because they are such a large plant. They can grow 2 to 5 feet tall!
  • Lotus come in ALL sizes from the large ones to really small ones so they can go into any pond size!
  • Plant them in full sun.  (6 hours of sun or more).  They don't do as well in a shady pond.
  • Lotus are tall.  Their leaves do not sit on top of the water, but grow above it. (lilies leaves float right on top of the water.)
  • They are an excellent natural filter.
  • Plant them in calm water.  They flower through the summer and each bloom will last 3 to 4 days.  Cut them off when they are spent. Put in tablet fertilizer every month.
  • They can be invasive, so never put them in bare root into the pond.  Luckily, they have a hard time growing out of their pots, so just make sure there is a sufficient rim and they won't go anywhere.
  • Pots need to be the right size for your plant so make sure you read about it when you purchase them, it all depends of the variety you get.  Bigger pots yield bigger blooms!
  • When adding a freshly potted lotus to your pond, place it only a couple inches under the water.  Once it starts growing, then move it to just a little deeper.  Depending on the variety, they can go from 4 inches to 18 inches deep.
  • When adding new plants make sure the pond water is above 60° or 70°  when adding tropical plants
  • Cared for lotus plants will overwinter in Colorado!  (Yay!  Happy dance!) - just don't let the tuber freeze!
  • The biggest risk in putting lotus in the pond - you will want more lotus!

  Lotus Flower Lotus

Lotus Flower