koi pond backyard water feature

The Colorado Pond Pros Order of Operations

  1.  Cleaning
    • pond cleaning, with or without fish
  2. Leaks
    • diagnosis
    • repair
  3. Pump issues
    • diagnosis problems
    • replace pump if needed
    • evaluate if pump is correctly sized
  4. Equipment evaluation
    • Aerator repair or replacement
    • Autofill repair or replacement
    • Autodose repair or replacement
    • Light additions, repair or replacement
    • Heater addition
    • Skimmer or biofall faceplate reseal
    • Skimmer or biofall replacement
  5. Piping
    • repair or replacement
  6. Pond Winterization and Netting
    • Whether the pond runs all winter or needs to have the pump pulled out until spring, we can get your pond or pondless waterfall ready for the winter.
  7. Regular Pond Maintenance
    • monthly maintenance
    • twice a month maintenance
    • April through November maintenance
    • All year round maintenance
  8. Pond and/or Waterfall Remodel
  9. New Pond or Pondless Waterfall Installation

We do the work so you can relax!