Pump Problem? Need Aerator/Other Repair?

Are you having one or more of the following issues:

◊  Pump making weird sounds?

◊  Strength of waterfalls had declined?

◊  Pump turns on and off randomly?

◊   Aerator not creating bubbles?

◊  Some lights are out?

Helpful hints for pump problem diagnosis:

Does the pump have sufficient water? Has the water level gone lower than the skimmer opening?  Try adding water.

Check your GFI outlet.  Is it tripped?  Reset it by pushing in the button that is sticking out.

Pull out the pump and inspect the intake screen on the pump.  Is it blocked or plugged?

Unplug the pump and remove the screen.  Inspect the impeller – can it rotate freely. (move it with a screw driver….not your finger! )

Helpful hints for Aerator trouble diagnosis:

Check your GFI outlet.  Is it tripped.  Reset it by pushing in the button that is sticking out.

Is the hose pinched? Big rock crushing the hose?

Is the diffusor itself plugged? Check the aerator for dirt – rinse it off.

If you have 2 or more aerator stones, unplug them at the pump and swap which outlet they are coming from to see if the problem persists. If the same stone still isn’t working, the pump will need to be replaced.

Helpful hints for accent light issue diagnosis:

Check your GFI outlet, it may be tripped.  Reset it by pushing in the button that is sticking out.

Check the low voltage transformer.  Turn it off and on (if it is controlled by a photocell, it will be on at night and off during the day)  If all lights except one are working, then that light needs to be replaced.  When all lights are out it may be a wiring or transformer issue.

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