When can I start feeding my fish in the spring?

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Bottom line

Do not start feeding your fish until the water is consistently above 50 degrees! Conversely, stop feeding them when the water temperatures get below 50 degrees.

Aspects of properly feeding fish

Yes!  One must consider:

  1. water temperature
  2. type of food
  3. how much to feed the fish
  4. how often to feed them

Talking temperature

The water temperature needs to be consistently at 50 degrees before we start feeding them. This is because their metabolisms slow down for the winter. They generally do not move much when the water is cold and they cannot digest food well until the water temperatures are above 50.

Type of food

Good quality, high protein food keeps fish healthy and vibrant. However, as the fall weather begins to creep in and we are on the way to winter, a food with less protein is okay.

How much to feed

Fish are eating machines and will eat themselves to death if we keep feeding them.  Make sure they are only fed what they can consume in 5 minutes. Check out this article to read more about by clicking HERE. 

How often to feed

This is not necessarily a simple answer. In ponds that have algae and gunk fish may only need to be fed once or twice a week.

In ponds with little to no algae one might want to feed them every other day. However, many people love their fish and want to feed them daily. If the fish are fed daily it is recommended to feed them either early in the morning or in the evening when it is a little cooler. The more the fish are fed, the larger the load on the natural filtration system in the pond. Overfeeding can cause algae blooms and can even be bad for the fish. Either way, consistency is the key.

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