How does Colorado Pond Pros handle bottom drains?

We don’t! When we build a backyard water feature we work with Mother Nature. We mimic her as best we can by providing the 5 basic elements of a healthy ecosystem.

A healthy ecosystem pond has:


We do this through the use of a skimmer to skim off leaves and debris before it sinks to the bottom.

Rocks and gravel 

Not pea gravel, and not just cobble, but 3/4″ gravel. This provides the perfect nooks and crannies for beneficial bacteria to colonize and that bacteria consume debris and waste. 


This is where the pump comes in. The pump should circulate the total gallons in the pond once an hour. As water comes down the waterfall and stream, oxygen is naturally mixed in. 


Yes! Fish are a part of the ecosystem. They provide nutrients into the water to fertilize the plants as well as consume some of the algae. 


Don’t overlook the best and most magnificent filtration system ever made! Look to nature if you question this. Aquatic plants clean out your water feature by absorbing the nutrients that would otherwise be feeding algae. We know plants help clean the air, they clean water, too—better than any man-made filter.

Pro Tips:

Find a way to add more plants. 

When you add plants, take them out of the pot (alright sometimes it’s better to keep a plant potted, like if you want to keep lilies from growing like crazy!) and plant them in crevices or make a shallow area using other rocks and 3/4″ gravel. 

If you have a bottom drain pond, keep using it as long as you can keep the pond looking great. When you are ready, let us put in an ecosystem backyard pond for you!

How else can Colorado Pond Pros help you?

If you’d like to learn more about caring for your pond, check out our blogs Biofall—What is it? Does your pond have one? and Microbial Algae—What to know. And if you need help with pond landscaping, maintenance, or installation, the pond experts, Colorado Pond Pros, are only a call away!