Ponds and beneficial bacteria

It’s Found Naturally

Beneficial bacteria is part of a natural ecosystem.  There are thousands of naturally occurring strains of bacteria in ponds. Some bacteria consumes organic material.  Some bacteria consumes nitrogen in the pond.  Without it, algae will run rampant in your pond. 

  • HAVE THE RIGHT SURFACE AREA – Beneficial bacteria needs surface area in the form of nooks and crannies to colonize and help keep the pond beautiful. 3/4” gravel that is about 1 1/2″ deep (not more than 2 inches!) on the bottom of the pond and between the bigger rocks is perfect for beneficial bacteria.
  • ADD THE RIGHT AMOUNT – Know the gallons in your pond and read the directions on the bacteria container before adding it.  
  • STORE IT CORRECTLY – Bacteria needs to be stored inside.  Freezing or overheating can kill the liquid living bacteria, rendering it useless. Liquid bacteria works more quickly, but powder bacteria stores more easily and works very well when added regularly. 
koi pond
Not sure how to find the gallons in your pond?  Call us with a measurement of the widest part of the pond and the longest length (not the waterfall, just the pond) and the general length of the stream or waterfall. 
  • ADD IT WEEKLY – This is very important.  Some people add it a couple of times and stop.  They call me when the algae is going crazy and they don’t know why.  It has to be added consistently because the bacteria consumes organic material and nitrogen.  When it’s consuming the algae can’t! But as soon as the food source is gone, the bacteria starts to die off. When nutrients enter the pond whether from fish or organic debris, it will be a food source to something. If there’s no bacteria because it died off when it’s food source was gone, then the algae will begin to grow.  
  • KNOW WHEN TO ADD EXTRA BACTERIA – There are times when it will need a double dose:
    1. After it rains. Rain naturally brings nitrogen (fertilizer) with it, feeding algae.
    2. When you see algae creeping up.  There are natural algae seasons that pop up no matter how religiously a pond is kept.  When that happens give it a double dose.
    3. When it is very hot.

Consistency is the key!

Don’t think you’ll remember to do this weekly?  Call us and we can take care of your pond for you!  We can also install an Autodose that keeps the bacteria dosed correctly daily.   

Remember, if the pond is full of sludge, algae and decaying material, you may have to start with a cleanout and then add bacteria consistently. Bacteria alone can’t clean up a pond that has not been cared for. 

Are you ready for Colorado Pond Pros to take care of your pond so you can enjoy it more? Give us a call about Regular Maintenance.