Ponds and the Environment


Installing a pond not only brings beauty to your outside living space and gets your family outside, but it also benefits the local wildlife.    Ponds attract birds, dragonflies and frogs!  All of these fabulous creatures eat the insects that bug us!

Water Conservation?

Ponds also conserve water!  YES!!  We water our lawns about twice a week here in Colorado.  Some people water more than that.  A 10 x 10 area that is watered twice a week uses 124 gallons each week — 25  times!  That is 3,100 gallons a year.    A 10 x 10 pond holds about 1800 gallons of water.  While it may need additional water once in awhile, that is only 180 gallons or less.   We also don’t have to use the lawn mower on our pond, saving time and pollution.