How to get your Fish to Come to You at Feeding Time

Want to get your fish to come at feeding time?  The first step is to spend a lot of time at your pond so that they get used to the sound of your footsteps and your voice. Entice them by offering a bit of food into the water.  But, remember not to add more than they will eat in a few minutes.  This may be a very small amount!  Fish left over contributes to algae.  As you bring them food, they will begin to know that you are the bearer of dinner!   You can also put your hand into the water (after washing it off really well) and just let it hang every day so that they can learn that your hand does not present a threat.  Keep doing this every day and pretty soon you may have more friendly fish! 

Use quality fish food with higher amounts of protein to enhance the color of the fish and to keep them at optimal health.

Getting fish to come at feeding time

It may take perseverance to get your fish to eat from your hand. Often it can take a full year.  They may not even eat in front of you for a while!   In time they will begin to relax but may not get too close.  Stick with it! Eventually they will eat closer to you and maybe in time, right from your hand!  Spending time near the pond will familiarize them with your sounds and habits.  This is the best way for them to get to know you.