Important reasons to add water to the winter pond

koi pond backyard water feature

While our ponds are fairly dormant during the cold winter months, they still need to be taken care of. Typically, the level of the pond should be about center, or a little higher in the skimmer opening. 

winter pond care

1.  Water evaporates even in the winter, yet we might not notice it as quickly. Putting in more water protects your pump from running dry and potentially burning out.  As water turns to ice on top of the pond it can essentially lower the amount of running water available to the pump. If there are several inches of water sitting on the top of the pond in the form of ice, you may need to add water.

2.  Over the winter the fish produce less ammonia but there is still some.  Adding water when it has evaporated is like doing a small water change just to keep things healthy.

Why add water to the winter pond?

3.  If the pond did not get a thorough fall cleaning, it may have plant debris lingering, either from lilies, leaves or other plants.  As they decompose the pH level lowers, making the water more acidic.  New water will help stabilize the pH.  

How often should you do this?  It depends on your pond, but a good rule of thumb is once a month. 


– If you are hooking up your hose to the house, make sure to take it off in case of a hard freeze.  We don’t want frozen pipes! 

– Put a timer on for every 15 minutes to make sure you check the water level and do not overfill the pond!

– If you are adding more than 20% of the total pond volume, you will need to add de-chlorinator for the health of the fish.

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