Bees at the pond

koi pond backyard water feature

Have you noticed bees at the pond?  A great thing about having a pond in your yard is that it supports the local ecosystem. Bees need good water sources and if your pond is available to them you will see them there daily. 

Bees need to pick up water for the rest of the hive. They literally take one drop of water at a time! Very shallow places are perfect for them and small gravel can even be added to shallow places to provide the perfect bee watering hole.

Bees are very specialized in their work and there are bees who are sent out only to collect water for everyone else one drop at a time! 

Even floating plants and low growers can be good places for bees to get a drink.

Using wood in the pond gives a natural look and creates another potential bee beach! Did you know that carpenter bees will even create their home in soft wood? They live by themselves and are not aggressive bees. They look very similar to honeybees.

Have you ever seen a wasp in the water that looks like it is drowning? It probably isn’t. They can float right on the water to get a drink and fly off again.

Did you know bees prefer moving and clean water to stagnant water? They do! Want to read more about all things pond related? Click HERE.

Here is a lovely butterfly visiting the flowers at a pond.