Fish Need Sun and Shade

Sun and Shade for fish

Did you know that fish need sun AND shade?  They do!

Sunshine Benefits

Exposure to sunshine helps fish keep their vibrant colors, along with protein rich food.  Vitamin D is something people and fish need.  People get it through sun exposure to the skin, while fish get it through eating plants.  So the sunshine indirectly helps fish by providing yummy plants to nibble on.  Vitamin D helps develop more vibrant color and keeps them healthy!

Shade Benefits

While sunshine is great, it can also be too much of a good thing.  Did you know fish can get sunburned if they have nowhere to rest in the shade?  It’s true!  Plants provide shade for fish and help keep the pond water from heating up too much.  Fish caves can be built when the pond is originally built or added later.  Shelters like the Koi Castle can also provide a great place to fish to get out of the sun and hide from predators.  Sometimes, they just need to cool off in the shade!


Ponds need a good balance of sun and shade.  If your pond doesn’t have partial shade from trees, make sure to add plenty of plants to provide shade, vitamin D and protection from predators.