Feeding Fish and Other Care

How many fish can I have in my pond

Establishing a balanced pond ecosystem is the easiest way to ensure healthy fish.  Caring for them can be easy!   Feeding fish

Aspects of fish care:

  • Fish can be trained to eat right from your hand!  Only give them what they can eat in a few minutes and remove any excess food to prevent decay in the water.  Some pond owners feed the fish once or twice a week.  Some people enjoy feeding them daily, but remember that overfeeding can overload the filtration system with excess waste.   The fish will naturally eat algae from the pond so there isn’t a true need to feed them daily.


Safe Water Addition

    • Add detoxifer when water needs to be changed or added to the pond – more than 20% of the total volume.  This removes and detoxifies chlorine from the water.  Chlorine can burn the gills of the fish, so make sure not to add large amounts of regular tap water to your system without detoxifier.
  • Oxygen
    • Make sure your pond has a running waterfall and aerators where the water has little flow.  This provides the needed oxygen to fish.
  • Predators
    • Raccoons and heron can be a predators of your lovely pond fish!  Adding a fish cave, a scarecrow (automatic sprinkler head activate by movement), and even a net over the pond can deter predators.  While they are often not a problem, if you find yourself with unwanted guests you’ll want to get rid of them fast!
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