Does it Matter Which Fish Food I Use?

fish foodWhile it may seem like it doesn’t matter what we feed our fish, ask yourself if it matters to your health and wellbeing what food you eat.  If you ate fast food at every meal, how would your immune system hold up?  How about that waistline?

Believe it or not, there are some fish foods that are higher quality than others.  They provide high protein, which promotes growth and enhanced color.  Some will add probiotics that aid in digestion.  Some have better vitamin and mineral content.  Resealable fish packs are nice as they help keep it fresh.  There should be very little wheat content in fish food.  Have you ever seen fish out harvesting the wheat to eat?  Of course not!

Immune systems

When your fish are eating a good nutrient blend  in their food, their immune systems will be stronger, their colors will be more vibrant, and they will look and feel good!  Feeding them quality food helps prevent fish diarrhea (yes, this happens), aids in digestion, and prevents other diseases. This picture shows what a difference quality food (aside from disease) can do to a fish.

What do we recommend?  Aquascape fish food of course!  They have spent a serious amount of time researching and finding the best formulas for the health of the fish, and they offer several different varieties.  You can buy it from them directly or from a local distributor.