Backyard Swim Pond & Maintenance

Backyard Swim Pond Close UPWhere is the pump? 

Although there are a variety of pumps that can be used, the most important choice in a swim pond pump is the amount of water that needs to be moved each hour. Whether using a pump in an intake bay or an external pump, the right-sized pump, with the correlating pipe, will create the water movement needed. 

What is the filtration like in a backyard swim pond? 

This is where Mother Nature really gives us a leg up! We know that all ponds, no matter how small, are an ecosystem. With this in mind, we build what we refer to as a “wetland” or bog area that allows natural aquatic plants do the heavy lifting of filtration. A variety of aquatic plants consume the nutrients in the water that would otherwise feed algae. The larger the pond, the more plants are needed. This technology has been provided generously by Mother Nature! Check out any pond in nature or even a large, man-made pond, and you will quickly notice cattails and bulrush on the edges that clean the water. 

A swim pond benefits from a skimmer (to skim debris off the top of the water as it falls in), filter pads, and a BioFall as well to provide even more filtration. 

What kind of chemicals are required for a swim pond? 

We utilize something that already exists in nature and occurs in natural settings. When we create a man-made pond we want to support the new ecosystem by adding “beneficial bacteria.” We recommend continued dosing with bacteria throughout the life of the pond. 

What is the maintenance on a swim pond?

A new pond requires a bit more maintenance than a pond that has matured for a couple of years. However, even during the first year, cleaning out the intake bay or skimmer each week and giving extra treatments of beneficial bacteria is not labor intensive. 

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