Pond Installation

We build ponds of all sizes!  From 7 x 10 feet to much much larger, we can provide a new pond to fit your style. We build Aquascape ponds and adhere to the concept of the 5 elements to a healthy pond.Everything we do works with nature to have a natural looking pond. We do this because we know your new pond will be easier to maintain when it all has all the elements that equal a healthy eco system.

When we build a pond we include:

  • Liner and underlayment
  • Boulders, rocks and gravel
  • Skimmer, biofalls
  • Pump (3 year warranty), pipe and fittings

Basic pricing:

Beaver Meadows - basic goldfish pond

The Beaver Meadows basic pond comes in 3 basic packages.

Basic -7' x 10' pond, 16" high waterfall, about 18" deep -  $6,995

Grand -10' x 14' pond, two 8" high waterfalls, 2 outlet aerator, about 18" deep - $8,495

Elite -10' x 14' pond, two 8" high waterfalls, 8 foot stream, fish cave, 2 outlet aerator, about 18" deep - $9,995

The Aspen - koi pond

Basic - 12' x 16' pond, One 18" waterfall, 2 outlet aerator, about 36" deep - $12,485

Grand - 14'; x 19' pond, two 9" waterfalls, 2 outlet aerator, about 36" deep - $16,495

Elite - 14' x 19' pond with an 8 foot stream, a fish cave, 3 9" waterfalls and two 2 outlet aerators - $19,995

Options on these ponds include:




Pressure filter


These are to provide you with basic pond sizes and prices.  Ponds can be built at ANY size and price.  Beyond these packages, ponds are considered to be a custom pond.  Prices will be given with specifications in the form of an estimate. Contact us for more information.