When I was a boy, my father took my brother and me up to the Rocky Mountain National Park to Beaver Meadows to fish several times each summer, for most of my childhood.   I learned to cast a line, to gut a fish, and to sit quietly and patiently.  There were days that we caught almost nothing, but stayed quiet enough to sit in awe as enormous elk came to drink in the marshy areas only feet from us.  We saw beaver, deer, countless birds and when we got home we rushed in to tell Mom all about it.

I remember walking on a downed tree across a marshy area and losing my footing…...and ending up soaking wet in the water!  Those days were special.  The time outdoors, in nature, and more importantly, with our Dad, will always bring a smile to my face.

Building ponds and waterfalls is my way of bringing a bit of nature right into a person’s back yard.  May you spend time, whether full of laughter or in quiet contemplation with those who you love!

- Mike, Owner Colorado Pond Pros

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