Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless waterfalls bring the soothing sound of water and the beauty of movement to almost any space!

When we build a pondless waterfall we include:

  • Liner and underlayment
  • Boulders, rocks and gravel
  • Pipe, fittings
  • Pump (3 year warranty)
  • Aquablox or Vault depending on size

Basic Pricing:

Serenity Falls

The Serenity Falls basic pondless waterfall comes in 3 basic packages.

Basic - 5 foot stream with two 6" waterfalls. Natural look -  $4,495

Grand - 10 foot stream with three 6" waterfalls. Natural look - $7,495

Elite - 15 foot stream with four 6"-10" waterfalls. Natural look - $12,495

These are to provide you with basic pondless sizes and prices.  Pondless waterfalls can be built at ANY size and price.  Beyond these packages, other sizes are considered to be a custom pondless waterfall.  Prices will be given with specifications in the form of an estimate. Contact us for more information.