Pond Owner Guide

Pond Care

  • Clean out the skimmer basket once a week and more often in the fall.
  • Add beneficial bacteria every week.
  • Add water if levels begin to go down.  When water evaporates, water will need to be added to the system.  If more than 3 inches needs to be added, there may be a leak.
  • Never add anything to the pond water that wasn't specifically made for ponds.  Do not do not add algaecide without professional advice.
  • Keep the waterfall on to keep the water oxygenated and moving.  Only turn it off if there is a problem.


  • If the pump starts making a weird sound, unplug it.  We don't want to let it burn out.  Call us for assistance! 303-775-0224

Fish Care

  • Feed fish once or twice per week.  More can overload the system.
  • Do not feed fish in the winter or when the water is below 50 º. (they go into a dormant like stage when the water is cold)

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  • Keep plants trimmed so they do not take over the pond.
  • Keep cattails out of the pond.  They spread like crazy and are difficult to remove.
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Remember the 5 Elements to a Healthy Pond!