Does your pond need a cleanout?

Balanced ponds may need to be cleaned out every couple of years.  Ponds that struggle with balance may need annual cleanouts.

◊  Is the water brown, black or unclear?

◊  Is there muck or sludge on the bottom of the pond?

◊  Is your pump struggling to work because of excess debris around it?

When our trained professionals come to cleanout your pond they will :

♦  Remove all water from the waterfeature

♦  Hold fish (if you have them) in portable ponds that we bring

♦  Trim plants as needed

♦  Check equipment for proper operation

♦  Pressure wash the whole waterfeature

♦  Refill waterfeature

♦  Add water treatment including detoxifier for fish

♦  Re stack disturbed rocks

Caring for the pond after the cleanout

One of the most important aspects of a cleanout is actually the caring for the pond in the weeks following the cleanout.  When a cleanout is performed, keep in mind that the ecosystem of the pond is essentially being re-started.  Bacteria needs to be added right after a cleanout and every couple of days right after one to avoid an algae bloom. Beneficial bacteria won’t do any good if it doesn’t have anywhere to live. Therefore, it is critical that beneficial bacteria have gravel in the bottom of the pond and/or bioballs in the waterfall where they can colonize.

When proper care is taken to re-balance a pond after a cleanout, it will be well worth it!  Want to get on our schedule for your cleanout?  


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