When can I start feeding my fish?

When can I start feeding the fish?

Wondering when to start feeding your fish? Pond temperatures are measuring between 48 and 61 degrees! (today, April 19th, 2019 in Longmont Colorado) If you haven't already started feeding your fish and you have a sunny pond you can start now. The plants that provide such great filtration are still waking up from dormancy so, as we begin to feed the fish again the plants may not be able to keep up with the new load (fish fertilizer!) Make sure you give some extra beneficial bacteria and start out feeding the fish small amounts at first.  The pond may green up a little but with an extra dose of beneficial bacteria working with those plants re-emerging for the season, the pond should look good again in no time!

Did you know, there are several aspects of properly feeding fish?

Yes!  One must consider:

  1. water temperature
  2. type of food
  3. how much to feed the fish
  4. how often to feed them

Fish are eating machines and will eat themselves to death if we keep feeding them.  Check out this article to read more about by clicking HERE.