Pond Pump and Electricity Usage

How much electricty does my pond pump use?

Pump and Electricity Usage

Ever wonder about your pond pump electricity usage?  Check out this easy chart to see how much electricity it is using.  Here in the Denver and Front Range area, electricity costs between 6 cents 10 cents a kilowatt hour (kwh).  National average cost of a kwh is about 10 cents.  We have used 10 cents for this chart.  Not all pumps are on here, just some of the most common ones we see.

How is this calculated?

We calculate this by using the watts the pump uses, found on the box it came in or in the instructions.  The watts x 24 hours (how many hours the pump should be on each day) give us the wattage per day used.

The watts used per day divided by 1000 = kilowatt hours per day (kwh).

The kWh per day x 30 days will give us about how many kwhs it is using for a month.

The kWh per month x 10 cents = cost per month.

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