Net your Pond for Fall

Net your pond

Have you spent a lot of time trying to get leaves out of your pond?  Net your pond for fall to keep organic material out of your pond!  Leaves and other material that blow in decompose all winter and when that spring time sun hits, will feed an algae bloom.  Help keep your pond looking great by netting it now.  Protecting your pump from additional material will also help keep the pump running and your fish healthy.

Domed Works Better

Colorado Pond Pros has put nets on ponds stretched taught across. But what we've found is that the weight of the leaves pushes down the net and the leaves get soaked in the water, adding tannins.  Pulling off a net with soaked leaves isn't easy either!  This year we have build domes over ponds to hold up the net.

This method is working well.  We recommend netting ponds and removing them once the leaves have all fallen and have been removed from your yard .

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